What I do

I coach heart-centered entrepreneurs on money, sex and power so that they can experience more freedom in their lives, success in their business and impact in the world.

Abraham Heisler - Mindset Coach

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The Problem

To many heart-centered or ‘conscious’ people, power has a negative connotation. We disown power so as not to negatively affect those around us. We disempower ourselves and believe life happens to us, not for us. We then feel unfulfilled in life, not having the financial reality, fulfilling relationships and satisfying sex we so desire.


The Solution

Own our desire and claim our power.

 Why Coaching?

Let me be clear, nobody NEEDS a coach. You can go on doing what you’re doing, trying this, trying that and making life hard for yourself.

You might even figure things out after a LONG period of struggle. Maybe and maybe not.

Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

I’m with Einstein on this one. Seeing the world anew means changing your mindset. This is what I do.

I help you to see where you are tripping yourself up and aide you in creating the life you absolutely WANT with grace and ease. It doesn’t have to be so hard. Stop making it so.

In Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, the role of the mentor guides the hero on her quest from victim of circumstance to creator of her own reality.

Coaching is just that, the process of empowerment facilitated by one who has looked within and faced his own darkness.


“Abe is truly the bomb! I've been working with him now for six sessions (out of a total of 8) on developing my own business and I have already made over $13,000 USD in sales and have 8 clients signed up! This is in 6 weeks! Just 6 weeks!”

Emma (Coach)

"Abe has helped me move past my limiting beliefs and awaken the confident and creative parts of myself. I am now pursuing my dreams and living more fully and authentically than ever before."

Lisa (Filmmaker)

"Abraham has an approach that is clear, simple and compassionate. My experience with him gave me a 'tough love' opportunity to dig into some limiting beliefs and rewrite the script. He encouraged me when I needed it most and gave me space when I needed that too. I'd recommend Abe as a mentor to anyone who needs to redirect and channel their lives into becoming a more powerful creator."

Claudine (Yoga Instructor)

In a short amount of time, Abe and I made some major breakthroughs in addressing major blockages in my life.
If you are ready to face yourself, and make changes that will ripple effect in your life and others' around you, make the commitment and dive in. Abe will be there to help you 100%.

Minji Chang (Entrepreneur)